Auto Repair : Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

Auto Repair : Symptoms of a Transmission Problem
If you are concerned about your transmission and would like a professional or second opinion about it call or visit us Thunder Bay Auto Repair
Here is a good video explaining what you might Hear, Feel, Smell, or See when your Transmission is acting up

Auto Repair : Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

A number of symptoms can indicate a problem with a transmission, including grinding in gear changes, excessive gear noise, difficulty shifting or a burnt sme…


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Auto Repair Tips

Thunder Bay Auto Repair Tips and News

For Good information and tips regarding taking care of your vehicles and saving money click here


Save Money With Knowledge


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Fixing Modern Car Air Conditioners

This video is a good example of how technical repairing today’s vehicles have become.

Automotive Computers control most electronic components on modern cars and trucks including:

  • anti lock brakes
  • automatic transmission
  • traction control
  • headlights
  • signal lights
  • air conditioning
  • door locks
  • daytime running lights
  • fuel injection
  • steering assist
  • suspension systems
  • stability control
  • dash gauges
  • air bags
  • anti-theft
  • electronic transfer cases
  • emissions

We are trained and equipped to accurately diagnose and repair electronic computer control systems on modern vehicles.

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Choosing the Right Engine Oil for Your Vehicle

What Motor Oil is Best for Thunder Bay Automobiles?

Engine oil is extremely important as it is responsible for lubricating and cooling the moving parts of your engine. Therefore, it is a critical part of keeping your Oil Change Thunder Bayengine functioning at optimal performance.

But choosing the right type of oil can be confusing for some people.

The market is full of different types of vehicle oils, all used for different purposes. In order choose the right oil for your vehicle, it helps to understand the different varieties available.

Different vehicles need different viscosity based on driving conditions. What does “viscosity” mean? In a nutshell, it is a fluid’s resistance to flow based on different factors, such as temperature.

What about the different grades of oil? Every type of oil is given a grade and the higher the grade number, the higher the viscosity. The grade also references the weight of the oil. Some of the common weights are 5W20, 5W30, 10W30 and others.

Your vehicle’s owner manual should tell you exactly what type of oil to use for your vehicle.

Most vehicles use either conventional oils or synthetic oils. Conventional oil is the most common type of oil; it’s the least expensive as well. If you are good about getting your oil changed on time and have a low mileage engine, this option can work for you.

Full synthetic oils are made for special, high-powered types of engines; for instance luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz. These oils can provide excellence performance of the vehicle. However, they are expensive and not every vehicle needs them.

Premium conventional oils are available in multiple viscosity, making it the oil of choice by many. These oils have better oxidation control, improve gas mileage.

Synthetic blend oils are mixed with synthetic motor oil and petroleum-based motor oils. This mixture usually lasts longer and is better for frequent driving situations, heavier loads, and higher temperatures.   The evaporation is cut down tremendously with this oil, but it’s much more affordable than full synthetic oils.

auto repair thunder bay

As mentioned earlier, the best way to decide what type of oil to use for your vehicle is to check your manual. Another option is to ask your mechanic for their professional opinion on the best type of oil to use, for your specific driving conditions, and what long term plans you have for your car or truck.

If you know that you want to keep your vehicle for 10-20 years, synthetic oil would be a good investment. If you will be keeping the automobile for less than 10 years, name brand conventional motor oil that your owner’s manual recommends will do fine.

Just be sure to do your oil change every 5000 – 6000km’s or every 3 months, when using regular engine oil.

Changing engine oil every three months or 5000 kilometers is recommended for the driving conditions of a typical Thunder Bay vehicle.


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How to Solve Vehicle Repair Problems

Diagnosing car problems may be a difficult task and sometimes it may seem to be an impossible task. It is advisable that the moment you start noticing your automobile having some problem, then it is time to start considering solutions on how to solve the problem.

It is advisable to visit an auto repair shop in Thunder Bay if your vehicle is experiencing any of the car or truck problems mentioned below to help get the issue solved.

Thunder Bay auto transmission repair

Transmission Repair Thunder Bay

Mechanical auto repair problems are usually accompanied with distinct sounds – noises as well as sensations which indicates that something is not functioning as it was designed to. Some of the crucial problem that require repair are discussed below.


It is used constantly and over the years and is bound to start experiencing some trouble. It is prudent to notice early if your car has a transmission problem and take necessary action before the problem worsens.

Some signs of trouble include transmission may refuse to go into gear when depressing the clutch pedal and attempting to move stick shifter. It may happen at any point shifting up and down the asserted gear, or if you had stopped and you try to get into the first gear.

manual transmission repair

manual transmission

Common causes of this problem include wrong viscosity (thickness of the fluid), low transmission oil, clutch disc, clutch linkage or shift cables. Burning smell is an indicator that your transmission is overheating.

Other transmission trouble includes transmission noisy in neutral, gear slipping, dragging clutch, leaking fluid, grinding, and shaking, clunking humming and whining.

Common causes include inadequate or low transmission fluid which may indicate leaks from seals or gaskets that require changing.

Transmission fluid keeps moving parts of automatic and manual transmissions well lubricated and also prevent the unit from burning up.


Brake system is important and crucial part of a car and has serious consequences if not well maintained and repaired. Some of the braking problem includes low fluid level in brakes. If your car is experiencing this problem top the brake fluid to the mark on the reservoir, and monitor the level to see if it is rapidly dropping, indicating a leak somewhere.

auto repair brakes

Thunder Bay Auto Repair Quality Brake Jobs

Contaminated brake fluid is another brake problem. Air can enter into the system through the smallest hole and the system may end up with water. Bleeding your brakes will remove that bad stuff and replace it with new fluid.

Worn brake pads should also be replaced. Regular brake inspection should also be done.

Other common brake problem also include brake pedal being too firm, vacuum problems, brake line obstruction among others.

Oil change

An oil change is also important in a vehicle. Most manufacturers of vehicle recommend that oil should be changed at least once a year in light truck and passenger car gasoline engines. For turbo and diesel engine the recommendation is after every six months.

For maximum protection oil and car companies recommend change of oil every three to six months or 5000 kilometres.

If the oil is not changed as recommended than you risk your vehicle of having numerous premature problems including loss of performance and increased emission. Also there will be accelerated wear and engine problems.

Oil and filter among other maintenance items must be performed on schedule, other wise the vehicle manufacturer may void your new car warranty.

Note, this preventive maintenance DOES NOT need to be done at the dealership.


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Do not be so Whiny

Solving whiny car and truck noise from steering pump

It can be embarrassing driving a vehicle that makes strange noises.

If the noise is a whining, whirring type noise only heard when turning the automobiles steering wheel, the noise is most likely coming from the power steering pump. But this does not necessarily mean that the pump is bad.

There are many reasons that can cause noise other than a defective steering pump

Check out this very good video to possibly fix the problem yourself or Call us.

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Police issue warning about re-vinned – cloned vehicles

Watch out for this Auto-Vehicle Scam

If you need any help checking your VIN’s or a VIN on a used vehicle you are thing of Buying Call us – Thunder Bay Auto Repair 807-629-7110

Even you as an honest car buyer, can loose the expensive vehicle that you purchased, costing you huge money.

cloned vehicle scam

cloned cars scam 

 Auto theft investigators are alerting the public to a scam involving cloned vehicle identification numbers and are advising consumers to do their homework before they make the purchase.

The Calgary Police Service Auto Theft Unit has recovered over 45 vehicles this year that have been cloned or re-vinned.

“This is a trend that we’re seeing dramatic spikes in the last three or four years,” said CPS S/Sgt. Rob Rutledge. “Many, many years ago, this was a trend that originated out of eastern Canada and vehicles were being re-vinned or cloned out there, sent out to Alberta, sold to unsuspecting consumers, but now we’re seeing our own Alberta criminals doing the same thing.”

Vehicle Identification Numbers are unique and can be found on the inside driver’s side door or dashboard.


Police say the cloning process typically works as follows and usually involves a private sale:

  • A motor vehicle is stolen or obtained by fraud
  • The culprits search for a vehicle similar in colour, year, make and model in another province or country
  • The VIN from the other jurisdiction is incorporated into a new VIN plate and federal standards decal, which are then placed on the vehicle that was stolen or obtained by fraud
  • The culprits then go to an inspection facility for an out-of-province inspection form
  • A forged bill of sale and the out of province inspection form are then given to a Registry Office and the vehicle is registered
  • The vehicle now has a new identity and is offered for sale to an unsuspecting buyer

Police say the vehicles they are recovering are high-end cars, trucks and SUVs in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.

“This is definitely organized crime, there’s a huge profit to be made, particularly if you’re obtaining the vehicles by fraud or theft and selling to unsuspecting consumers, they’re making thousands and thousands of dollars. We’ve seized vehicles off of a lot of motorcycle gang members and other organized crime groups in Calgary,” said S/Sgt. Rutledge.

Police say the consumer is out the money when they go to the door and seize the vehicle.

“They’re out that money because the vehicle was originally stolen from someone else or from the victim’s insurance company,” said Rutledge.

Police say consumers can take a few steps to reduce the risks when buying a used vehicle:

  • Ask for and make a note of government issued identification from the seller
  • Do a Carproof or Carfax check on the vehicle
  • Ask more questions if the vehicle shows as being registered in another province or country or if it is showing salvage or junk title
  • Look at the public VIN (lower left dashboard) and compare how the VIN looks to another similar vehicle i.e. Ford to Ford
  • Compare the public VIN to the federal certification label on the driver’s door frame. The VIN should be the same and the decal should not show any signs of peeling
  • Take the vehicle to a car dealership and have them conduct checks. i.e. Take Ford products to Ford dealerships etc.

Consumers can also check VIN numbers on the Canadian Police Information Centre website to see if the vehicle is listed as stolen.

Police say that they investigated about ten incidents three years ago and they are currently looking for several more vehicles in addition to the 45 they have already identified this year.
Read more:

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Is your car ready for a Thunder Bay winter?

Freezing cold weather is Here, and there will be much colder days and nights ahead.

A Thunder Bay Auto Repair Winterize Service will help ensure;

Vehicle starts when it is -30 degrees and colder.


car trouble in winter

Engine coolant does not freeze, witch could damage the engine, as well as leave you with no heat, or poor heater output.

Doors do not freeze shut.

Wipers and windshield washer system operates well at sub zero temperatures.

An automobile winterize service should consist of the following;

  • Load test the battery.
  • Check the vehicles charging and starting systems
  • Test the freezing point (-40) and condition of the anti-freeze
  • Visually inspect the condition/wear of the spark plugs
  • Verify that the windsheild washer fluid freeze point is at least -35
  • Treat wiper blades and all door weather stripping with silicone
  • Test operation of engine block heater
  • Inspection of all belts and hoses

Doing the above tests and inspections will help keep you and your family safe by avoiding
an unneeded, untimely vehicle breakdown.

This winterization service is very inexpensive. Usually less than $40.00 for most
cars and trucks.

For more information click here

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How To Find A Good Auto Repair Shop

Here are some tips from the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) on finding a good auto repair establishment:

Start shopping for a vehicle repair facility before you need one.

Ask friends and associates for recommendations…




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Quality Auto Repair Thunder Bay

Fast Friendly Auto Repairs in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Auto Repair is one of the best equipped Auto Repair Shops in Ontario, providing car repairs and automotive repair. Our Certified Auto Repair Technicians are trained to solve comprehensive electrical and mechanical issues – call 807-629-7110


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