Is your car ready for a Thunder Bay winter?

Freezing cold weather is Here, and there will be much colder days and nights ahead.

A Thunder Bay Auto Repair Winterize Service will help ensure;

Vehicle starts when it is -30 degrees and colder.


car trouble in winter

Engine coolant does not freeze, witch could damage the engine, as well as leave you with no heat, or poor heater output.

Doors do not freeze shut.

Wipers and windshield washer system operates well at sub zero temperatures.

An automobile winterize service should consist of the following;

  • Load test the battery.
  • Check the vehicles charging and starting systems
  • Test the freezing point (-40) and condition of the anti-freeze
  • Visually inspect the condition/wear of the spark plugs
  • Verify that the windsheild washer fluid freeze point is at least -35
  • Treat wiper blades and all door weather stripping with silicone
  • Test operation of engine block heater
  • Inspection of all belts and hoses

Doing the above tests and inspections will help keep you and your family safe by avoiding
an unneeded, untimely vehicle breakdown.

This winterization service is very inexpensive. Usually less than $40.00 for most
cars and trucks.

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