Vehicle Recalls Could Mean Free Auto Repairs

Your used car, truck, minivan or suv could be a danger to you, your passengers, and other motorists because of recall repairs that have not been done as of yet.

Recalls are done free of charge by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Quite often the problem or complaint you are experiencing with your ride, if deemed a serious safety concern could be covered by a recall.

Is there a recall on my car?

Do not assume that the previous owner of your vehicle had all the applicable recall repairs done. Car manufacture’s normally mail out recall notices to vehicle owners, but there is a possibility that they do not know you are the present owner. You can check for any recalls that may apply to your vehicle by clicking here. If you find a recall listed you should then call your car dealership, give them your 17 digit VIN number and have them run a check to see if any recalls are open/not completed.

Well maintained older car
maintenance and recalls extend vehicle’s life
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