How to Solve Vehicle Repair Problems

Diagnosing car problems may be a difficult task and sometimes it may seem to be an impossible task. It is advisable that the moment you start noticing your automobile having some problem, then it is time to start considering solutions on how to solve the problem.

It is advisable to visit an auto repair shop in Thunder Bay if your vehicle is experiencing any of the car or truck problems mentioned below to help get the issue solved.

Thunder Bay auto transmission repair

Transmission Repair Thunder Bay

Mechanical auto repair problems are usually accompanied with distinct sounds – noises as well as sensations which indicates that something is not functioning as it was designed to. Some of the crucial problem that require repair are discussed below.


It is used constantly and over the years and is bound to start experiencing some trouble. It is prudent to notice early if your car has a transmission problem and take necessary action before the problem worsens.

Some signs of trouble include transmission may refuse to go into gear when depressing the clutch pedal and attempting to move stick shifter. It may happen at any point shifting up and down the asserted gear, or if you had stopped and you try to get into the first gear.

manual transmission repair

manual transmission

Common causes of this problem include wrong viscosity (thickness of the fluid), low transmission oil, clutch disc, clutch linkage or shift cables. Burning smell is an indicator that your transmission is overheating.

Other transmission trouble includes transmission noisy in neutral, gear slipping, dragging clutch, leaking fluid, grinding, and shaking, clunking humming and whining.

Common causes include inadequate or low transmission fluid which may indicate leaks from seals or gaskets that require changing.

Transmission fluid keeps moving parts of automatic and manual transmissions well lubricated and also prevent the unit from burning up.


Brake system is important and crucial part of a car and has serious consequences if not well maintained and repaired. Some of the braking problem includes low fluid level in brakes. If your car is experiencing this problem top the brake fluid to the mark on the reservoir, and monitor the level to see if it is rapidly dropping, indicating a leak somewhere.

auto repair brakes

Thunder Bay Auto Repair Quality Brake Jobs

Contaminated brake fluid is another brake problem. Air can enter into the system through the smallest hole and the system may end up with water. Bleeding your brakes will remove that bad stuff and replace it with new fluid.

Worn brake pads should also be replaced. Regular brake inspection should also be done.

Other common brake problem also include brake pedal being too firm, vacuum problems, brake line obstruction among others.

Oil change

An oil change is also important in a vehicle. Most manufacturers of vehicle recommend that oil should be changed at least once a year in light truck and passenger car gasoline engines. For turbo and diesel engine the recommendation is after every six months.

For maximum protection oil and car companies recommend change of oil every three to six months or 5000 kilometres.

If the oil is not changed as recommended than you risk your vehicle of having numerous premature problems including loss of performance and increased emission. Also there will be accelerated wear and engine problems.

Oil and filter among other maintenance items must be performed on schedule, other wise the vehicle manufacturer may void your new car warranty.

Note, this preventive maintenance DOES NOT need to be done at the dealership.


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